Saturday, 26 October 2013

"The Last Post"

25th October 2013 - This Blog is now retired.

A quick word of explanation: when we started this blog in late 2011, it was a first step in using the internet better to communicate with our members and with the wider world. At the time, we had only our original website and a quarterly paper newsletter. This blog was started as a way to communicate news and updates, schedules, and "This is what's happening now!!!!", and as a place where members could post things of interest.

Anyway, during 2012 and 2013, we have moved our member communications forward in lots of additional ways. We have a new website with more dynamic and up-to-date content on it, particularly in the area of race results and our club schedules. We have a regular email newsletter which now does a lot of what the blog used to do.And we are making a lot more use of Facebook, where we have a WVR Page and a WVR Group. As of October 2013 the group has 68 members.

We have therefore decided to dispense with this blog for the future, and put the focus on our email newsletter and on Facebook. In particular, the things we'd have posted on this blog will now be on our Facebook page. We hope you will still continue to enjoy them there.

(Note: you do not need to register with Facebook to access the WVR Page, it is public.)

Looking for the October 10K Results? Click here

Want to look at our latest newsletter and the newsletter archive? That's here.

And our main website is at

Thank you to those who have contributed to the blog over the last two years, and if you would like to look back over the 156 posts made during that time, they are all still here. The index to them is on the right -------------->>

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