Saturday, 26 October 2013

"The Last Post"

25th October 2013 - This Blog is now retired.

A quick word of explanation: when we started this blog in late 2011, it was a first step in using the internet better to communicate with our members and with the wider world. At the time, we had only our original website and a quarterly paper newsletter. This blog was started as a way to communicate news and updates, schedules, and "This is what's happening now!!!!", and as a place where members could post things of interest.

Anyway, during 2012 and 2013, we have moved our member communications forward in lots of additional ways. We have a new website with more dynamic and up-to-date content on it, particularly in the area of race results and our club schedules. We have a regular email newsletter which now does a lot of what the blog used to do.And we are making a lot more use of Facebook, where we have a WVR Page and a WVR Group. As of October 2013 the group has 68 members.

We have therefore decided to dispense with this blog for the future, and put the focus on our email newsletter and on Facebook. In particular, the things we'd have posted on this blog will now be on our Facebook page. We hope you will still continue to enjoy them there.

(Note: you do not need to register with Facebook to access the WVR Page, it is public.)

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Monday, 30 September 2013

Nick Cook - Man Of Steel!

Nick ran his first Half-Ironman last week at the New Forest. He sent us the following report and pictures.

New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon 22/9/2013
Registration and bike racking for this triathlon was on the Saturday, so we arranged to stay with friends for the night and trundled off down to Sandy Balls Holiday Park in the morning. I registered and picked up the race pack before heading off for the briefing. First time NFMDTers got a round of applause before sniggers when hills were mentioned. We were given three kit bags and were advised to leave our running stuff in one of them there and then in the change tent.
This is a two location tri event, so we then had to drive down to Ellingham lake and leave my bike in transition there. We then drove the bike course (funny how hills don’t seem quite so steep in a car). Back at our friends house I packed the bike kit in one bag and swim stuff in the other. I didn’t want to be messing about with kit in the morning.
Sunday morning the alarm went off at 4:45 and I was out at 5:15 for the half hour drive to Sandy Balls. From there, it was a five minute coach ride to the lake. Got in the loo queue and then got changed, put dry stuff in one of the bags to be taken back to the finish at Sandy Balls, then back in the loo queue again. 7:00 and it was still foggy, so the swim was delayed for 20 minutes and the course shortened. The director said it was only 200 metres short, but if so, that was the fastest 1.7k swim I’ve ever done – 31 minutes (I took 45 minutes to do 1.9k the previous week). I’m rubbish at sighting in open water and looked up at one point to see myself on my own in the middle of the course. Slight direction adjustment and back on course again. Out of the lake, into transition and off on the bike.
I had intended to stay at a gentle 16/16.5 mph on the bike, but after an hour my average was 19.2 mph so slowed down a bit, although it is hard when you’ve got bikes in front that you know you can overtake. Horses and cows have no respect for cyclists in the New Forest and riding over cattle grids was a new experience too. The bike course was about 57 miles and I completed that in 3 hours 17 minutes, so was pleased with that. The really steep hill in the last mile didn’t help at all! Back at transition my bike was taken off me and chairs were supplied in the changing tent – luxury! A quick slug of Lucozade, a gel and then off for the run.
I massively underestimated how hard the run was going to be, particularly as I thought my running had been going quite well. The first hill took everything out of me, after that I walked up the rest of the hills. It was an out and back course, so it was quite gratifying seeing faster runners walking up the hills on their way back. At 5 miles friends and family were waiting at Fritham with a well needed boost of lucozade and gels, then a nice flat stretch to the turning point. Back to Fritham to the support team and then the return hilly bit. I got overtaken by quite a few runners on this stretch as my pace was getting slower and slower. At last I was back onto the road for the last mile slightly downhill to the finish. I was well over my anticipated time of 2:10 as I finished in 2:25, but I finished the whole event in 6 hours 19 minutes, 10 minutes better than I’d expected.
I really enjoyed my first experience of a middle distance triathlon, but I don’t think I’ll be doing another one anytime soon!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Windsor Half Marathon - Tony Sheridan Reports

Windle Valley Runners again make their mark on this year’s Windsor Half Marathon
The kick off was 1300 and the weather had warmed up considerably. When I arrived just before the start, I pitched up at the Copper Horse (statue of King George 111 for all you history buffs) in a matter of no time, a large crowd of supporters had gathered and were yelling out as many names and clubs they could feast their eyes upon.

After about seven or eight minutes I spotted the first of the Windle consignment wearing her first claim vest. Laura, looking very comfortable. At around the six mile mark, she still looked good and running a steady pace. Next on the Windle menu came Miles wearing a large grin. Obviously enjoying the race! Wendy flew by very soon afterwards followed by Chris sporting his Windle colours.

A little while later, Alex thundered through wearing a sponsored tee shirt and smiling to boot. Caught a very quick glimpse of Amanda, threading her way through the field.
Lyn was the last of the Valley troupe. Nursing an old back injury, she had decided to walk most of the course and was taking her time as she stopped to have a chat with me.

Have not any results as to date but I am sure they will be up on the net very soon.
Laura looked very strong on the home straight with about 2K left to eat up followed by Miles crunching those miles, chased by Chris and Wendy a little further back. Well done to all the Windle Valley Team.

Click the gallery image to see Tony's photos from the day.

Update: Results

Alex Perrior 2.15.22
Amanda Borthwick 2.32.05
Catherine Thorin 1.51.59
Chris Phillips 1.39.28
Laura Hales 1.34.46
Lyn Taylor 2.43.06
Miles Cudmore 1.37.22
Wendy Cudmore 1.41.52

PB's, good times and bad predictions - it's the September 10K

The competing attraction of the Windsor Half Marathon kept several of our regulars away from the September 10K handicap, but there were still 18 runners who turned out on a mild but breezy morning, including four running it for the first time. 15 out of the 18 ran faster than their predicted times.

One of the first timers, recent joiner Richard Everingham, gave the most accurate prediction of the day, running two seconds under his forecast of 43 minutes, and doing a big PB at the same time. Steven Handley and Dee Green also set new PB's, Steven's coming 24 hours after he did the same thing at Parkrun!

Fastest time of the day came from our newest member Koji Miyazaki, with a fine 38.26 in his first time round the course.

First runner to finish was also least accurate prediction of the day, with Robin Wakefield forecasting 55 minutes and then doing it in 51.05!

Barbara Rodriguez, Dave Nicholls and John Williamson all did their fastest times of 2013 so far, and Lisa Norman came within 10 seconds of doing the same.

Full results are below. Thanks to scorers Geoff, Bob and Steve. Photos to follow soon.....

Lost property announcement: whoever left their running top behind, we have it, give Steve a call on 0784 219 0785.

Koji Miyazaki 38.26
Mike Frean 41.52
Steven Handley 42.21   PB
Keith Hull 42.34
Jim Brown 42.56
Richard Everingham 42.58   PB
Sachiko Dixon 44.59
Paul Bolt 47.10
Dave Nicholls 47.39
Robert Littlejohn 48.08
Dee Green 48.09   PB
Robin Wakefield 51.05
Mark Coxhead 51.21
Barbara Rodriguez 55.01
John Williamson 58.04
Lisa Norman 59.08
Tony Sheridan 59.08
Chris Lovell 72.15

Sunday, 25 August 2013

August 10K Handicap Race results

August Bank Holiday weekend gave us a smaller field than recently, with 15 runners taking on the club 10K Handicap.

There were three members running it for the first time ever, so well done to our debutants Dave Goldsmith, Andrew Scowcroft and Ali McGeogh-Williams, who all made it round without getting lost :)

Pride of place this month goes to Ali, who ran a 10K PB of 35.57, which was also the fastest time in this race since January 2006 - which was 34.48 by Nathan Aspinall, I know someone's bound to ask.

First across the line (and worst prediction of the day) was Andy Stevens, and the best prediction of the day was from Sachiko Dixon, 4 seconds faster than her forecast of 45 minutes.

Tony Hatch registered his fastest time of 2013 so far, while Lyn Taylor struggled with a sore back to her slowest, but well done to Lyn for making it round! The physio awaits.....

Welcome back to Dave Pearce after a long period of injury, returning with a fine 57.12 after many months stuck helping with the timing.

Full Results:
Alastair McGeoch-Williams 35.57
Laura Hales 40.57
Keith Hull 42.43
Sachiko Dixon 44.56
Pete Jones 46.03
Andrew Scowcroft 51.00
Mark Coxhead 51.12
Tony Sheridan 51.48
Nick Cook 52.58
Nick Askem 53.25
Tony Hatch 54.17
Andy Stevens 56.13
Dave Pearce 57.12
Dave Goldsmith 66.07
Lyn Taylor 67.02

Thanks to the scoring team of Dee, Nathan, Dave and Steve.

I'll add photos once we get them from Mark.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

WV runners spotted in Skiathos

Dee and Nathan have just spent a week on the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos and discovered some interesting and challenging hilly runs.
Coincidentally the Dennison's were on the island too for their vacation so it was too good an opportunity to meet up for 'happy hour' cocktails and some lovely Greek food and wine.

Monday, 29 July 2013

July 10K handicap

Another great turnout this month and some good performances - well done to all 21 runners!
Our thanks to Geoff, Dave and Bob for timing.
Thanks Mark C for the photographs...

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Runnymede Relay results

The results from the Runnymede Relay are now available ( ). Thanks again to all our runners who took part - it was a very hot afternoon. I thought Nathan had 'over-egged' it on the water however we cleared the 36 bottles, and Keith's homemade cake went down a treat too.

WV team finished in 10th position (out of 58 teams)
Ali McGeoch-Williams
Pete Mannion
Miles Cudmore
Rob Batchelor
Mike Hewison
Steven Handley

WV team finished in 27th positionJenny Livesey
Wendy Cudmore
Laura Hales
Lisa Norman
Jo Obertell
Dee Green

WV team finished in 42nd position
Kevin Pedley
Nigel Williams
Keith Hull
Nathan Green
Geoff Williams
Andrew Scowcroft

Our reserve runner: Becky Hughes (thanks!)

A few photos from the day (some good caption material).....

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Farewell Chris Dent

As Chris Dent heads off to pastures new (Devon pastures, very nice!), 20 of us turned out to give him a 9.00am send off at this morning's parkrun at Frimley Lodge.

Even at nine, it was really warm with the temperature in the mid 20's, and the sun blazing down on the park. The shady parts of the course offered some relief, and with the course nice and firm underfoot, there were some good performances. It was good to see Pip Webster-Smith return after a long injury break, and she smashed her PB, getting under 25 minutes for the first time. Steven Handley's rapid improvement continues, and he set a new PB of 20.06! Steven's times a mere six months ago were around the 23 minute mark, so that's a huge improvement. Now for sub-20........... Well done too to Jon Payne with a top ten finish, and to Laura Hales who came within 5 seconds of her PB, finishing as 2nd lady. Pete Hansen has been finding it all too easy lately, so decided to do this one pushing a baby buggy with attached baby - which did slow him down a bit!

Chris duly completed his 92nd parkrun, after a goodbye speech by the parkrun organisers. We wish you all the best at the Barnstaple parkruns from now on Chris. We'll look out for your times.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Pete Mannion wins Dinton Pastures 5K Series

Hats off to Pete Mannion.

Last night Pete completed the Dinton Pastures 5K series, following up his times of 19.02 and 19.06 in races 1 and 2 with an impressive 18.57 in race 3.

He won the V50 trophy last night, and his aggregated times made him the overall winner of the race series!

Thanks to Sophie Mannion for sharing the picture of Pete weighed down by his trophies: